Story Behind the Song: “Mercy Road”

“I loved my life away, takin’ it slow 
Flying a hundred miles straight down Mercy Road”

My Mother passed away in 2017, just as we were starting to record songs for a new album. We had a working title for the recorded tracks, but no real lyric direction. About a month after the funeral, my sisters and I were going through my Mother’s things and I found a photograph of her from 1967 that I had never seen before. She was dressed in a very sophisticated 1960’s “Jackie Kennedy” look with long gloves and a wooly swing coat with rounded collar and a big button at the top. She had on this big black hat with beautiful feathers on the brim.

It was a striking photo and she was gorgeous! My Dad was sitting next to her with the biggest grin on his face. I loved that. They were married almost 70 years. Their story is one of love, adventure, and “sticking it out” through thick and thin. They were on a journey through life together. And the road was paved with grace and mercy.