Signs of Life

I love this time of year when winter is giving way to spring. It’s a moment by moment  transition. The woods are just outside my back door, so I have a front row seat to a continuously unfolding, natural work of art. I love the mess. The wild disarray of dead leaves and fallen branches, mossy tree trunks and tangled ivy lay a beautiful backdrop to the understory of sleepy ferns uncurling amid carpets of tiny woodland wildflowers, while overhead bright green buds are appearing on dormant dead-like tree branches.

I’ve been through a winter of sorts too, a dormant season when things lie buried.  But always, deep down, the roots are still there, waiting for the right moment to awaken. And when it does, it feels good.

New energy – New life.  I guess some things just take a little time and care, patience and encouragement…. and love, especially love.