“Fallin’ ain’t nothing when you’ve landed on love”

Writers can find song inspiration from many places. Certainly one of the places I least expected to get a song idea was from an NBA finals basketball game.

I share a love of basketball with my son, Noah, and we have watched many games on television together over the years. We always laugh at the random things some commentators will say just to fill the airtime. 

During this particular NBA finals game, Kevin Love, who played for the Cleveland Cavaliers at the time,  wound up sprawled on the court while going after a loose ball that had been stripped away. As the ball went bouncing he and several other players went scrambling for possession of the basketball ending up in a giant pile of players with Kevin lying at the bottom.

As Kevin limped off the court to the bench, the announcer describing the scene said, “(So & so)… landed on Love.” I remember immediately thinking, “That’s a song!”

 I brought the idea and the chord progression to a songwriting session with my fun and talented friends and co-writers, Tyler Flowers and Amanda Flynn. They each have such a great way with lyrics, and Tyler’s soulful melody just brought the idea to life. And “Landed on Love” was born.