Today finds me back home in Nashville reflecting on our time at the 2019 30A Songwriters Festival. Music was literally in the air all along the beautiful shoreline of South Walton Beach. Three beautiful days, so many amazing songwriters, so little time to see em all.  Every year we look forward to reconnecting with old friends, both performing as well as attending, and every year, we make new friendships and discover new talented artists and writers. I am grateful to be among these performers and to have shared the stage this year with Lilly Winwood, Davin McCoy, Sarah Peacock, Erin Enderlin, Liz Longley, as well the always-inspiring Sugarcane Jane, who played on THE coldest night in the Boathouse EVER, and totally rocked the place! We got inspired by the amazing songs of Rosanne Cash, Jason Isbell, Brandi Carlile, and the high energy soul of War and Treaty.  Thanks to the Cultural Arts Counsel of Fort Walton, the sponsors and volunteers. Big thanks to the stage managers and sound guys (Thank you, Tracer!!) who help make every venue and every stage run smoothly and sound incredible. We appreciate all that you do! ‘Til next year….here’s to fresh inspiration, new songs and new fans to discover them.  

I think of time in circles. The clock on the wall is a circle. Every week is a circle. A year to me is also a circle, like a giant carousel. We get on board in January and ride that ride til December rolls around into another January– Full Circle. Sitting here at this place where one ending meets a new beginning, I realize that I have also come full circle. I am returning again to the thing I love, making music. And as I look ahead, I am excited to be releasing this new music into the world. So I invite you to jump on this crazy carousel with me. Here’s to 2019 and all that it holds for all of us. Climb on board – it’ll be way more fun if you come along.  It’s gonna be a great ride! -Caryl